Professional Relationships Excellence


Training offers complex knowledge about functioning of relationships, from professional and personal perspective. Combined solutions for emotional needs of individuals and effectivity of organisation. Sophisticated and non-rational solutions.

Training is based on 20 years of experience from working with people in many organisations and countries.

Cross-Cultures Cooperation & Communication


Training offers solutions which are based on systemic understanding of human relationships and behaviours. These solutions support creating long-term relationiships based on trust. We are teaching managers how to understand and manage groups on a deeper, systemic level.

Systemic Management
& Leadership


Training is an introduction to systemic perception of organisation and offers new skills for managing big groups of people.

Leadership from different cultural environments, leadership for different groups conciousness, advanced leadership skills - adjustment to the group perception, language and strategies. Lots of practice.


"Training helped us develop our family small business to multi-country organisation..." Maria, CEO, SK

"Your training helped our managers to become more efficient ..." Monika, New Zealand